Coronavirus prevention

Are you afraid of the coronavirus virus SARS-CoV-2? Mate doesn't heal your lifestyle? For example, do you smoke, drink alcohol regularly and are you obese? Then you're scared right!

You should eliminate all these bad habits from your life, especially because these groups of people are risk groups for severe disease covid-19 . If you start to apply a better lifestyle, it is the best prevention against the disease and for a quick cure including coronavirus.

Another option is to minimize the possibility of infection. For example, if you restrict going to work regularly, reduce the risk of infection from colleagues and especially from unknown people from public transport. A lot of work can be done from home today! After completing training remote work , thus, employees can keep physical contact to a minimum while maintaining the operation of the company and full communication.


A healthy person becomes infected and heals faster. But how to be healthy? First of all, you need to be strong immune system. The immune system can be strengthened by a combination of the following:


The human body has developed a movement, so few movements mean problems. And the symptoms of these problems are obesity and high blood pressure. So include this in your daily movement schedule such as walking, cycling, swimming or strength training. Any sport should be performed properly. If you do exercise regularly and systematically then it is training. And if you have a goal though, it's to strengthen immunity is a good idea to think about how to train effectively to meet your goal.


Food is a source of energy, building blocks and trace elements. Get started eat healthy and you give the body everything it needs. Without a balanced diet that provides all basic ingredients (sugars, fats, proteins) it will not work. If some things are missing from the diet, then it is necessary supplements .


The traditional way to strengthen immunity is hardening. Thanks to hardening, the body is much better able to cope with adverse weather and temperature changes. You can also harden at home, when at the end of the bath you let cold water for a minute. You can go to the sauna or go swimming in the spring and in the autumn to the pond. If there is snow in the winter, try walking in the snow barefoot.

Walking barefoot in the snow:


Sleep is the basic and main way for the body to rest and regenerate. The human organism needs about 8 hours sleep every day. Sleep cannot be caught up in the supply, so regularity is needed. For quality sleep, I recommend going to bed at the same time every day. And according to the time of year to go to bed laughing and getting up after dawn.

Calm down

Time is hectic, people are still in a hurry, they are under pressure for maximum performance. This is all mental stress is called stress. Do not give yourself tasks or accept tasks from others that cannot be done. Avoid stressful situations. Remember that even media such as news on TV or information on Facebook are stressful and so are they It is best to follow these media as little as possible. Also carefully choose the people around you. So instead of the people who create the tension in you, you have in people around them who can induce peace and quiet. The most difficult situation where it is difficult to get rid of stress is work, but with quality planning it is also possible at work significantly reduce stress.

Take care of yourself

Thanks to a strong immune system, you will not be attacked by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and if so, the symptoms will be mild and you will recover quickly without complications. You can see the graphs of the coronavirus epidemic over time . So take care of your health! No one else will do it for you.


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