Delusions of the vaccine promoter

Because the authorities at the head spread various misinformation and hand in hand, these proponents of vaccination spread misinformation as opponents of vaccination, it is good to write this false information, so that everyone can decide for themselves whether and when to vaccinate and what they can do best for their health.

The coronavirus brought new and unknown, the company somehow reacts to it and so politicians infected the lockdown. In other words, they limited the possibility of contact with people. Public areas are closed, social events canceled, people are advised to avoid personal contact. Basically, Babiš's words "they should only go to work and then go straight home".

The vaccine is the only chance. As with everything, there are always more options. People have the opportunity to be in good health and thus significantly reduce the risk of a difficult course.
They can also be more safe and considerate of others. For example, do not go to work and observe hygiene in case of illness.

The vaccine protects against covid-19. The vaccine protects against infection with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Neither is true. Vaccination is intended to reduce the course of the disease and thus reduce the number of people with a severe course. So whoever is vaccinated can still become infected and still die of COVID-19.

The vaccine is a return to normal return The You will never enter the same river twice rule always applies So something may return to its original state, but a lot of things will somehow change and it will stay that way. And after all, the world is constantly changing and will continue to change, only some events speed up changes or direct them elsewhere.
The virus will be on for further and it can be assumed that that never wearing veils under certain conditions or seasons no longer persists.

It is not a vaccine like a vaccine. Argue with vaccinations, which are certified, have undergone a proper process and protect against almost certain death, is something other than to protect only from covidem disease. Most people also do not die from the flu and at the same time a considerable amount die.
The question then is why vaccinate children for whom covid is statistically considered risk-free.

The question is whether it is for countries that recognize the freedom to force someone to be vaccinated. The argument for protecting others is then a manipulative technique.
So the question is how people are allowed to smoke, drink alcohol and eat junk food. And this unhealthy habit is passed on by people around them.
In addition, just by solving this problem, you also disappeared the problem regarding the severe course of the covid-19 disease.

After vaccination, a person is sick for several days, this is not a limitation. Is it worth breaking your plans like this? For example, for professional athletes, this is a significant limitation and an absolute encroachment on training and racing plans.

Some wear a veil when driving alone in a car. How could anyone get infected there?
Wearing veils in the woods doesn't make sense when no one is around. After all, people go to nature and the forest just for the opportunity to breathe fresh air.

Sports events were banned and the sports grounds were closed. At the same time, movement is essential for physical and mental health. Ultimately, in a crisis situation, such a decision worsens the situation of people instead of to make a dream of improvement.

Movement was restricted. it was forbidden to go out. At the same time, fresh air and sunshine are important for the health of body and soul. In other words, where the sun does not go, the doctor goes.

If the state restricts business, but only certain groups: small entrepreneurs. This will make it impossible for those who are able to respond very quickly to problems that have arisen. And the big ones are inspired by the small ones. In that case, but they have no one from whom. But maybe the goal of an independent small business owner is to liquidate?

Eager proponents of vaccination use sub-belt arguments, when people make fun with antivax, that he is afraid of chipping, etc. Which is actually a typical disinformation event, when he tries to discredit the other party.

A positive test does not mean that you have the disease, for other diseases, it is common to confirm the disease and other symptoms. Without symptoms, this indicates a history of illness. PS: information from the test can be false positive or even false negative.

It is stated somewhere that the vaccine is against sars2 virus covid elsewhere. So what is he against and what should he solve?

The vaccination questionnaire contains the question of whether or not a person has become infected. But the right question to me is have you been infected or don't know.

There are countries, for example, Slovakia, which does not recognize PCR tests as proof of infectivity for the purpose of entering its territory. " But vaccination does not mean that a person is infectious.

What to consider when vaccinating

The risk of vaccination will probably be less than death on k


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