How to manage mentally lockdown

The coronavirus brought new and unknown, the company somehow reacts to it and so politicians infected the lockdown. In other words, they limited the possibility of contact with people. Public areas are closed, social events canceled, people are advised to avoid personal contact. Basically, Babiš's words "they should only go to work and then go straight home".

However, humans, including introverts, are social animals. They need to communicate. They also need a move that they had few before the bureaucrats' orders.

It also does not add worries and stress in terms of employment and life to the mental well-being of citizens. How to be healthy to prevent illness or lighten the course of covid-19 treatment we described in an earlier article. However, the situation also affects the psyche. How to be cool in this challenging time?

How to maintain a good mental state

Prehistoric, culturally advanced and tyrannical societies know how to do it. You just need to remember that. Ancient Rome followed three rules: bread, games and wine. Nowadays, these rules need to be extended a bit. If you follow these rules every day, you will be in a good mood and you will be in good mental condition:


It is good to have a regular regime. Regular activity calms and any activity forces concentration and thus banishes gloomy thoughts. It is good to have a given daily plate. Athletes who have a so-called training plan have an advantage here. However, it is important to start getting up and going to bed regularly.

Fresh air

Clean air with a lot of oxygen, oxygenates the muscles and brain well and it does the body well. Many people today work in offices, the autumn and winter weather forces people to be at home, in addition to the regulations themselves called lockdown. So open the windows - regularly ventilate or go straight out.


You can go out into nature for fresh air. In nature you will find great peace. Today's times are full of distractions and disruptions caused by today's communication tools, media and especially social networks. So go for a walk outside and turn off your mobile Internet on your smartphone. Without the internet, you won't have to stress what are the current increments of coronavirus-infected infections in the graphs .


Exercise will keep you healthy, but endorphins will also wash out after graduation, so you will feel better after sports. The walk itself is a movement, so you don't even have to be an athlete to have a pleasant endorphin break. A walk is a great way, not only to have movement, but also to be in the fresh air, Be in peaceful nature and if you go for two you can also lead a stimulating living or philosophical discussions .


You will starve after the movement, so you will then enjoy it. Eat healthy food , which is made from quality raw materials. You will feel good after a good and healthy meal, of course bad after a bad meal.


An extrovert cannot live without interacting with others. But even an introvert likes to communicate. While working at homeoffice, you hardly meet anyone. It is thus necessary to actively negotiate with other people in order to chat. Yes, such communication will be largely about nothing without gaining new information and drawing conclusions, but such is normal everyday communication. You can use different writing tools, but it is better to have the spoken word and straight with the picture. So arrange a video call / video conference with people. Here's how to which tool to choose for video conferencing . If you don't need to hug, then such a videocall will be interactive and replace most of the usual communication.

Have fun

Make yourself happy. In today's hectic times, don't expect anyone else to make you happy. Time is commercial and consumable, so joy often slips into material purchases - things you don't even need and quickly forget about. Get something permanent or make something. You can buy, for example, a course that will move your skills, so even though you are afraid of a crisis, you will improve your competition ability. With lots of new valuables, they are also available to learn on the Internet at Wikipedia and many other sites.
Break away from fraudulent attractions like facebook and you better read a good book alone. Just find the fun and joy yourself.
Make others happy, you will make yourself happy and be kind and kind to yourself. Have a good time


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